YES and here's why!

Painting rates are based on THREE factors:
1. Painter Labour Outputs: E.g. How many square meters of block can a painter mist coat in a day?
2.  Your Daily Painter Charge:  What you need to charge per day to cover YOUR labour costs (what you pay subbies), travel costs to a project and your company overheads and profit.
3. Your Material Prices

Labour outputs will not vary whether the painter is in the UK or any other country.&n

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I have often wondered why painting contractors regularly seem to be 'shafted' by project quantity surveyors.


Most painters start their working lives learning all about the practical aspects of their trade.

They continue, gathering more practical experience. Eventually, they start to do larger commercial projects and here is where all their problems start.

Up to now, they have not had to deal with pricing projects from drawings, painting

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I am often asked:  “Why is Quick Paint Rate painting rates calculator software so much BETTER than any rating book or general rates that are available?”


When pricing a project, YOUR painting/wallpapering rates MUST allow for:

1.    Labour Costs
2.    Material Costs
3.    Project Direct Overheads (travel, fuel, parking, accommodation for etc.) for each individual project.
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If you asked a painting contractor "Would you employ someone who said they'd done a bit of home decorating?", you can guess their response.

"That's what's wrong with this industry:  Everyone thinks they they can paint"!

And they'd be right.  Of course to be a painter you need to be trained. Of course you need to gain a few years experience post training.

But here's the thing:  Why, when it comes to pricing/tendering, do painter

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A painting contractor contacted us yesterday.  He had just 'walked' off a large painting contract (His price was £39k) consisting of painting heavy pebbledash render to the externals of lots of houses.


Because he had started the project, got so far in, and realised he had totally under priced the job.

He was calling us because he wanted to know what price he should have put in.



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