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Painters Are Skilled Practical People, But This Is NOT Enough To Be A Successful Painting Contractor!

Painters quite rightly take a lot of pride in learning the skills of their trade, from apprentice to experienced trades person.

Many go on to build small painting businesses.  A few of these expand and employ other painters.

Fewer still go on to become larger painting contractors employing anything from 15 to 50 painters.

However, most painters are held back by their unwillingness to accept that being a good trades person is not enough.<

19th MAR 2019

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How to price stripping wallpaper:

Mark I have an item on a bill that I’m sure you will come across very often. It’s simply a m2 rate for stripping wallpaper. We have won the project which is for 10 void flats.
I’ve now had a site visit and came across many areas where the papered walls are actually layers on top of layers of wallpaper.
It’s an old tenement building. Some areas have 3/4 layers of wall paper. Is there challenge here I could go back to the client as it’s not

6th MAR 2019

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How to measure and price painting to door frames?

In the UK, Rules of Measurement says:
1. Any item with a girth less than 300mm should be measured in Lm.
2. Any item with a girth greater than 300mm, should be measured in m2.

Sounds simple and it is, except where door frames are involved.

The main problem is that Quantity Surveyors always tend to assume that the girth of a door frame (measured architrave to architrave), is less than 300mm. However, on many occasions, I have been on sites doing re-measures

19th FEB 2019

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