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How to Price Pricing Painting to Railings and Stair Balustrades Using Quick Paint Rate

When pricing painting to stair balustrades or external railings, you should measure the railings (m2) and multiply the m2 quantity by the appropriate £/m2 rate.  It is important to note that stair balustrades and railings should be measured ‘flat, both sides’.

For example: If you have a 50m run of railings at 1m high, the measure/

19th DEC 2018

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How To Calculate Keim Painting Rates Using Quick Paint Rate

Last week I had a couple of Quick Paint Rate Users ask if Quick Paint Rate could calculate painting rates for Keim specifications, where the coverage of the paint is given in kg/m2?


Answer:  YES

For example:

Let’s say you are to apply Keim Soldalit to external walls.

Keim state that the consumption rate for Soldalit is 0.45kg/m2 (for two coats)

This means that the Soldalit consumption for ONE coat is

27th NOV 2018

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Who Uses m2 and Lm Painting Rates to Price Works?

When pricing painting projects, painting contractors fall into two schools:

1. Those who use m2 and Lm painting rates against a measure of the items of decoration works.

2. Those that 'guesstimate' based on an estimate of the number of days to complete plus materials.

Nothing 'wrong' with either method.  However, the larger, more complex the project, the greater the risk of making a mistake when using the 'guesstimate' method.

If you are pricin

8th NOV 2018

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